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Our Teams

Our BSL projects provide a range of services which we want to make sure are responding to what Deaf people want.

So we would like to find out what information you want in British Sign Language (BSL) that is not available at the moment.

For example, do you have enough information on Council services, what the National Health Service (NHS) does, what support you can expect from the police service?

We are also offering any deaf or hard of hearing person the opportunity to work with us face to face. This can be in several different ways.

  • Confidential letter or document reading service. You can bring printed information you have received (for example, this could be a letter, leaflet, or booklet that you don’t understand) and have it translated into BSL. If the information or letter is private this will be done confidentially.

  • If you want to complain or make comments/suggestions? You can come to BTM and we will video your complaint or comments in BSL, and send them to the people or companies you want to complain to. If you do not want to be filmed – we will make notes and the BSL project worker will do the signing for you. This service is available to anyone living in Bradford and District (including Keighley, Shipley and Ilkley).

  • Do you want to be involved in the Decision Making Group? You can be part of our decision making group and help us make decisions on what information is most important. We will then work together to make this information accessible in BSL.

We want to:

  • Let you have your say about the project.

  • Make sure information meets the needs of BSL users using the service.

  • Provide you with clear information about other important services.

  • Make sure you know who is giving you the information and why.


Very friendly and professional services.”

– From Metro, Transport for West Yorkshire