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At its heart BTM ensures there is an equality of opportunity for all the citizens of the district to access a broad range of information in a multitude of formats. This can be British Sign Language; community languages from Urdu, Punjabi and Sylheti to Polish, Slovakian and French for example, we translated information into over 20 different languages in the last year. We produce accessible information to audio sound files, mp3 files, EasyRead documents, plain English or DVDs or CDs.

We also enable people to participate in decision making in the district by providing them with the format of information they need to attend meetings and contribute to consultations such as the recent ones by the Clinical Commissioning groups and Bradford Council on priorities for the district. Our workgroups look at the documents, and discuss the content to find a format and wording that their peers are able to understand. They then send to other groups to ensure the final wording is fit for purpose. This might take many draft suggestions before a final copy is decided on. This might be in British Sign Language, an audio recording, Easier to Read or EasyRead booklet.



– West Yorkshire Pension Fund