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Who We Are

BTM is a charity and company limited by guarantee. We are a non profit making organisation and our primary object is the provision of accessible information.


To support this work and to increase the accessibility of information we recruit and support a range of work groups who create information they and their peers can understand. We have teams of people with learning difficulties, people who are mental health service users, d/Deaf people and people with a visual impairment. This means we can produce information in a wide range of formats that has been created by people who need it most; ensuring that they have the same information as everyone else. We also validate our information by sending to other groups across the district for feedback.

Our production methods range from EasyRead and Easier to Read to British Sign Language, audio recording suitable for CD production, QR code links and website use.

We work with local authorities, health service organisations and private companies across the district, as well as many national organisations such as the Royal National Institute for the Blind, NHS England and the Born in Bradford project. They all recognise the benefit of providing accessible information to the people they work with.

Based at Eldon Place in Bradford, we have teams of experienced staff, volunteers and work groups, including service users and readers, interpreters, translators and graphic artists. Having gathered so much skill and enthusiasm in one place means we can be open and creative in our approach, whilst delivering a high quality, innovative and reactive service.

We can offer different levels of support and advice to see you through to production, offering case conferencing, script compilation services and translation as well as direct accessible production. Many organisations have particularly enjoyed visiting and speaking with our work groups and are encouraged by their knowledge, enthusiasm and skills.

Bradford Talking Media is a unique company that works to extremely high standards”

– Speech Therapist @ Speech and Language Therapy Service