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We make information accessible for everyone

At BTM we are committed to enabling any person who cannot access the written word for whatever reason, access to any information they may need or want to enable them to live a full and happy life that they are in control of.

This includes people with:

    • visual impairment

    • poor literacy skills

    • learning disabilities

    • other disabilities that make it difficult to use the written word

    • English as a second language

    We have, over 35 years, built up a broad range of skills and knowledge in developing and delivering accessible work and presentations. Accessible information is vital for communicating with people who have restricted ability to see and read effectively. We have custom-built audio and filming studios which enables us, with our work groups, to respond quickly to peoples information needs.

    It is estimated that in the UK something in the region of 1,750,000 people are blind or partially sighted, 1,087,100 people have a Learning Disability and 89,000 Deaf people who are British Sign Language users. These figures do not take into account people who are mental health service users, people with dyslexia, those who for various physical reasons, such as paralysis and arthritis, are unable to hold reading material and others who may be classified as print-disabled. Add this to a wide range of people whose first language is not English and it is clear there is an ever increasing need to ensure quality of provision for as wide a cross-section of our communities as possible.

Always a pleasure to work with you.  Excellent communication and really quick turnaround, thanks.”

– West Yorkshire Combined Authority