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We know that people make better choices when they have good quality information to help them. We believe that the best way to make that information is to work with the people who will use it.

Our work groups of disabled people know what it is like when you can’t understand written information. They have first-hand experience of being frustrated by a lack of information in their first format of choice. They want to improve the lives of people who find reading hard or impossible. We work with groups of volunteers to look at information on a wide range of topics. Sometimes there is lots of information, but it is hard to understand. Sometimes there is no information at all. Whatever the need, our workgroups supported by BTM staff want to make information that everyone can use.

Our information is made to be easy to access. It can be a leaflet, printed in EasyRead text. It can be an audio CD, for people to listen to if they find reading too hard. It can be a film on a DVD, signed in British Sign Language for people who are Deaf. The groups decide on the best way to deliver the information.

Bradford Talking Media is a unique company that works to extremely high standards”

– Speech Therapist @ Speech and Language Therapy Service