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New Day Opportunities – Confidence Building Club

19th Feb 2020 - News

New Day Opportunities – Confidence Building Club

Last week we invited you to come and tell us what you want to see in a confidence building social group in Bradford. The idea behind the confidence building club is to get people with a learning disability and/or autism together who are anxious and don’t socialise as much as they might like to. The group will be firstly supported by BTM and eventually when the members are ready become a peer led social group.

To begin our work to create a new day opportunity we worked with some of our volunteers who came up with the idea of a games club; where the focus would be firstly on the games which would lead to conversations between members.

To find out what we needed to know from you, we asked a series of questions that would help us set up the group. We hope these questions will help us create a group that’s suitable for you.

This is what we asked.

What day would you like to meet?

What time of day would you like to meet?

How often would you like the group to meet?

Where would you like to meet?

What games would you like to play?

Are there any other activities you would like to do in the group?

What refreshments would you like?

Over 35 people attended which was brilliant. We’re so pleased that so many people are interested in being part of this group. As part of the afternoon we were able to collect some useful feedback on how you would like the group to run.

We felt that as well as gathering useful information that all the people who attended had a really good time, particularly when the board games were brought out.

One of the participants said ‘I felt anxious at the beginning but now I feel fine because everyone made me feel comfortable’. Another participant said ‘It’s good to be in a group, being in a group has helped me to come out of my shell’.

We’re grateful to everyone who made the effort to attend and we hope to see you at our next session.

If you would like to be part of setting up the confidence building club, please keep an eye out for the next date.