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Action Fraud BSL Clips

23rd Jun 2017 - News

Action Fraud BSL Clips

In March we found out that we were successful with a bid to the Safer Communities fund to produce a series of film clips in British Sign Language for the Deaf Community.

Fraud is a crime to which we are all vulnerable, and up to date information is key to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

The Action Fraud bulletins are a very helpful resource to keep the public on their guard, however they were not accessible to the Deaf community since they are not in BSL and the majority of people we spoke to were unaware of the websites existence.

Once a month we will produce a BSL clip alerting the Deaf community to the latest scams and frauds. We will upload these clips to our YouTube account and distribute them via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We are confident that the clips will be shared and retweeted enabling them to be viewed by a national audience. This will mean that many hundreds of people will be able to access up to date information to help them stay safe and avoid being a victim of fraud.

Clips that we have already produced are about keeping your personal information safe on Facebook and fraudulent fundraising websites.