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Cafe Chaos by BTM: Nominated for Charity Film Awards 2023!

28th Nov 2023 - News

Cafe Chaos by BTM: Nominated for Charity Film Awards 2023!

BTM is thrilled to announce that its impactful short film, “Cafe Chaos,” has been nominated for the prestigious Charity Film Awards 2023. As we gear up for this exciting event, we urge you to support us by watching our film and casting your valuable vote through the following link: Vote for Cafe Chaos.

The Charity Film Awards stands as a pinnacle event in the charitable sphere, showcasing remarkable films that highlight various causes and endeavors. The ceremony, set to take place in March at the illustrious ODEON Luxe cinema in Leicester Square, promises an evening filled with entertainment and celebration, drawing in hundreds of entrants and supporters.

This gala is not just about glitz and glamour; it’s about amplifying the voices of charities and shedding light on their crucial missions. The finalists of the Charity Film Awards garner widespread attention, attracting millions of views and engagement, thereby shining a spotlight on organisations tackling society’s most pressing issues.

Since its inception, the awards have been a game-changer for over 3,000 charities, offering them exposure, fostering donations, and recruiting volunteers. The impact extends far beyond the event itself, with past awards generating an impressive 300 million film impressions and captivating over 500,000 viewers during the virtual ceremonies.

Entering the Charity Film Awards is a gateway to substantial engagement and visibility for charities. This year, with Cafe Chaos in contention, we anticipate even greater results. By supporting BTM and “Cafe Chaos” in this esteemed competition, you are not just voting for a film; you are advocating for accessibility, supporting vital causes, and making a difference in our collective mission for a more inclusive world.

Join us on this incredible journey! Watch Cafe Chaos and cast your vote today. Every vote counts in our quest to create a more accessible and informed society. Together, let’s make our voices heard on this platform that champions the impactful work of charities. Vote now at and be a part of the movement.

Thank you for your unwavering support!